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Look: Paige Spiranac Has A Question For Sports Fans

Instagram golfer Paige Spiranac.


Paige Spiranac is typically known for her golf takes, but the former collegiate golfer turned sports media personality had a question for all sports fans this weekend.

The social media superstar, with more than three million followers on Instagram, took to the social media platform with a question.

"Don’t mind me just thinking about which sport has the best athletes...debate below. And yes I know it’s not golf," she wrote.

It's definitely not golf - no offense, golfers - but there probably isn't one clear answer.

Most fans would probably come down to two sports - football and basketball.

There are several professional football players and professional basketball players that believe they could play another sport professionally - and they're probably not wrong.

We would love to see LeBron James, Russell Westbrook, John Wall, etc. playing in the National Football League. It'd also be fun to see some of football's greats give it a go on the hardwood.

Most fans seem to be in agreement on basketball, though.

"NBA 100%. If we’re talking about pure athleticism speed, quickness, jumping etc.... NBA," one fan wrote back.

What would your pick be?