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Look: Paige Spiranac Hot Dog Eating Contest Video Goes Viral

Paige Spiranac on social media.

If you're competing in a hot dog eating contest this 4th of July, Paige Spiranac is here to help.

Last year, Spiranac got in on the fun and held her own hot dog eating contest. She finished six in 10 minutes. 

That's probably the last time she's going to actually participate in a food eating competition. 

This year she's instead giving out tips for those competing. 

"Happy Fourth of July everyone," she said. "So last year I did how many hot dogs I can eat in 10 minutes and the thought of that makes me want to gag. So instead I'm going to show you the techniques I've picked up from the best hot dog eaters in the world."

Take a look. 

Well there you have it, folks. Paige has got you covered.

We have a feeling she's going to have a much better 4th of July this year compared to last considering she won't be scarfing down six hot dogs in 10 minutes again.