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Look: Paige Spiranac Reacts To The Joey Chestnut Video

Paige Spiranac on social media.

Paige Spiranac isn't going to stop making hot dog videos anytime soon.

Spiranac saw what Joey Chestnut did to this protestor during the National Hot Dog Eating Contest on Monday and turned it into a funny meme. 

"Me to anyone who tells me to stop making hot dog videos," Spiranac tweeted.

Spiranac had a video go viral on both Twitter and Instagram when she was showing her followers the many different ways to eat a hot dog. A couple of them included the "traditional way", the "raw dog", the "two dogs", and the "two dogs one cup."

Spiranac will have a chance to make another one of these videos next year when Jul. 4 rolls around again. 

Next up for her though is likely her picks for The Open Championship, which is set to start next Thursday.