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Look: Phil Mickelson Has Already Responded To Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson on the course.

THOUSAND OAKS, CA - OCTOBER 25: Tiger Woods watches his tee shot on the 10th hole while Phil Mickelson gets ready to hit during the final round of the ZOZO Championship at Sherwood Country Club on October 25, 2020 in Thousand Oaks, California. (Photo by John McCoy/PGA TOUR via Getty Images)

On Tuesday afternoon, LIV Golf star Phil Mickelson fired back at PGA Tour legend Tiger Woods.

Mickelson highlighted the supposed wealth the PGA Tour possesses and how that money was not shared with the players.

"Pga tour IRS 990 form from 2018: 1.6 billion in stocks, 700 million in cash, 1.15 billion in non liquid assets. This is from the non profit section. The for profit section hasn’t been stated since 2012 but was more than the non profit part at that time. This can all be googled," Mickelson said on Twitter.

His comment came in response to a comment from Woods earlier this week. When asked if he felt bad that the wealth wasn't being shared, Woods said the PGA Tour took out a loan.

No, absolutely not, no,” Woods said. “We took out an enormous loan during the pandemic in which that, if we had another year of the pandemic, our Tour would only be sustained for another year. So we took out an enormous loan. It worked, it paid off in our benefit, hence we were able to use that money to make the increases that we’ve made."

Clearly Woods and Mickelson are at odds here.