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Look: Sean McVay's Fiancee's New Toilet Paper Goes Viral

Tennessee Titans v Los Angeles Rams

Newly-minted Super Bowl champion Sean McVay has been enjoying some of the offseason with his fiancee Veronika. But recent circumstances have made Veronika the center of attention.

Veronika Khomyn hails from Ukraine, which has been under invasion by Russia over the past few months. So she decided to show an act of solidarity with her countrymen.

Taking to Instagram, Khomyn posted a photo of some new bath tissue she and McVay added to their home. It's two-ply and features an image of Russian president Vladimir Putin on on each square.

Khomyn called it "Home accents" and included a poop emoji in the Instagram story post. 

Veronika Khomyn has been an extremely vocal supporter of Ukraine during the ongoing conflict with Russia. And she's used every platform available to spread her message.

Just recently she appeared at the Critics' Choice Awards with Sean McVay to bash Vladimir Putin and show solidarity with the Ukrainians. 

"I proudly stand with my fellow Ukrainians and I admire their strength," Khomyn said in March, via TMZ. "They have faced unimaginable adversity with such profound grace and bravery, their fight and the way they have united the world is truly inspiring. There is no place in our world for this kind of violence and our prayers go out to all the lives that have been lost."

With her fiancee's Rams as the defending Super Bowl champions, Veronika will have plenty more opportunities to use that platform this year.