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Look: Shannon Sharpe's Message For Nick Saban Went Viral

Former NFL star Shannon Sharpe

Alabama head coach Nick Saban ticked off a lot of people with his recent comments about Texas A&M "buying" all of their recruits. But it was his comments about Deion Sanders' Jackson State football program that made Shannon Sharpe really go off.

On Friday's edition of Undisputed, Sharpe admonished Saban for suggesting that Jackson State is paying players to attend. Sharpe turned the question around, asking why anyone would want to go from a state like California or Florida to a state like Alabama.

The Hall of Fame tight end found it interesting that Saban was bringing up the issue only after a top recruit decided to go to an HBCU rather than his own program. Sharpe, having attended Savannah State, took exception to that.

He said that given the poor living conditions that he had growing up, he would have jumped on any NIL deal he could get his hands on to "keep the lights on" while in college. 

Taking to Twitter later, Sharpe retweeted his clip from Undisputed and added, "Coach Saban is wrong."

Shannon Sharpe has found no shortage of people agreeing with him. But there's also plenty of people going to bat for Nick Saban too.

Saban is unlikely to comment further on the issue - at least by calling out other coaches directly - after receiving a reprimand from the SEC. But he won't stop railing against NIL now or ever. 

That doesn't mean people will sit idly by and let him bad-talk NIL though. 

Nick Saban has drawn his line in the sand. And whether it bothers him or not, he's quickly realizing that there are a lot more people on the other side from him.