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Look: Shaquille O'Neal Has Embarrassing Nick Saban Moment

Shaq delivers some powerful words after Kobe Bryant's death.


Shaquille O'Neal tried to finish a quote from Alabama head coach Nick Saban, but it went terribly wrong for him.

On Tuesday evening, Charles Barkley was getting ready to say a quote that Saban has about playing with emotion when Shaq stepped in. Ernie Johnson didn't seem confident that he would get it right and sure enough, he was right.

Barkley started the saying with "Don't play with emotion" before Shaq said, "don't play emotionless."

Here's the full video:

Here's the full Saban comment, per 

“You want guys to play with emotion, but you really don’t want them to be emotional because when you get emotional, you make bad decisions. There was a lot of emotion on both sides and we don’t like our guys to talk to the other players and not get involved in all that. You win with class and that’s something we certainly want our players to do.”

Saban has said this numerous times over the years, including after Alabama's 55-17 beatdown of LSU in 2020.

There's always next time for quotes like this, Shaq.