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Look: SMU Football Recruiting Graphic Is Going Viral

SMU's football stadium before a game against TCU.

DALLAS - SEPTEMBER 24: A general view of before a game between the TCU Horned Frogs and the SMU Mustangs at Gerald J. Ford Stadium on September 24, 2010 in Dallas, Texas. (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

SMU football's latest recruiting graphic has to be one of the best we've ever seen. Why? Because it indirectly tells the story of Eric Dickerson's recruitment decades ago and the infamous gold Trans Am.

Dickerson was one of the top high school recruits in 1979. Texas A&M was determined to get him, but eventually lost out to SMU.

While the Aggies were still pursuing Dickerson, a rumor - which persisted for decades - floated around that the program bought him the gold Trans Am he had expressed that he wanted.

Dickerson repeatedly denied the rumor, saying his grandparents purchased the vehicle for him.

That's technically true. However, Dickerson finally admitted earlier this year that the Aggies reimbursed his grandparents for the purchase of the vehicle. “Now, until the present day, I’ve always said publicly that my grandparents bought me that car," he said, via Sports Illustrated. "My grandfather made good money from his job as a crane operator at a steel mill, and my grandma’s name is on the paperwork, so that’s technically true. But behind the scenes, A&M had agreed to reimburse her. And that, my friends, is how the notorious Trans Am was paid for.” Dickerson committed to Texas A&M after getting the car. But he wound up flipping to SMU later on. The Mustangs' latest recruiting graphic directly nods to the story. It displays the gold Trans Am and the following words: "All roads lead to Dallas." It's simply incredible. Take a look.

College football sure has changed, hasn't it?

This new NIL era is a fun one.