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Look: Sports World Praying For Little League World Series Pitcher

A LLWS Pitcher goes down with an injury in the championship game.


The sports world is hoping for the best for a pitcher in the Little League World Series championship game who went down with an injury. 

Qshondrickson Doran, a pitcher for Curaçao, went down with a scary looking injury in the Little League World Series championship game on Sunday afternoon. 

The Curacao pitcher appeared to be dealing with an arm injury, though it was tough to tell. 

He was in serious pain on the ground.

Sports fans are hoping for the best.

"Man I really hope that kid is okay," one fan wrote.

"Hard to tell what happened. Calls for time, falls to the ground, holds his wrist, gets up limping.. what exactly is going on here?" one fan added.

"This looks like a Tommy John injury. Comes from overuse. Shouldn’t be happening at age 12. That’s on the parents," one fan added.

Hawaii and Curacao are currently playing in the Little League World Series title game.