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Look: Things Got Heated On 'Undisputed' This Morning

Fox Sports 1 personality Skip Bayless.

(Photo by Christopher Capozziello/For The Washington Post via Getty Images)

Things got messy between Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe during FS1's Undisputed on Thursday morning. 

The segment revolved around a stunning report by Bill Plaschke of the Los Angeles Times, who said he's heard Phil Jackson wants to trade LeBron James and make it work with Russell Westbrook. 

Jackson reportedly has a say in the Lakers' plans this offseason, despite a track record of poor decisions in an executive role. 

Bayless and Sharpe went at it over Plaschke's report during Thrusday's episode of Undisputed. Sharpe yelled for almost 10 minutes, Bayless argued for Jackson's side and the argument eventually transitioned to Tom Brady. 

It's a mess. 

Do people actually watch this stuff? What a disaster. 

It's pretty remarkable the two iconic sportscasters found a way to sneak LeBron and the Lakers into their show with the NBA Playoffs in full swing. They really didn't have enough content from Wednesday night's playoff games?

The Bucks stole a game from Boston to win pivotal Game 5 and the Warriors were blown out by the Grizzlies to make it a 3-2 series. 

It's too bad this is what sports shows have devolved to. Shouting matches about hypothetical situations aren't very entertaining.