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Look: This Was The Craziest Part Of The Angels-Mariners Brawl

Wild fight between the Mariners and the Angels on Sunday afternoon.

There were a lot of wild moments in today's Angels-Mariners game, but none more wild than the brawl that took place in the top of the second inning.

Yet somehow, the brawl itself was not the most bizarre thing to take place during the game. One player from the Angels decided to take things to a wildly different place.

After the field was cleared and the two teams were sent back to the dugouts to settle down, one Angels pitcher grabbed a box of sunflower seed bags. He jumped out of the dugout and hurled the box towards the Mariners dugout - causes the sealed bags to spill out onto the field.

The Mariners seemed confused by the scene and started calling for the umpires to throw the pitcher out. MLB fans had their fun with it though:

"This is one of the dumbest ways to get back at another team. The seeds landed closer to his own dugout," The Athletic's Steve Berman wrote.

"I would love to know what he thought he was accomplishing by doing this. One of the fakest tough guy moves I’ve witnessed," wrote Jake Heaps

"Custodian about to give him a 2nd beat down of the day," a fan wrote.

The whole situation was a bizarre confrontation between two teams well outside of the playoff hunt. 

But it was still pretty amusing for us.