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Look: Tweet From Steve Kerr's Wife Goes Viral During Playoffs

Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr speaking to the media.

After knocking off the Memphis Grizzlies in six games, Steve Kerr and the Golden State Warriors have a few extra days to chill until the Western Conference Finals. 

But Kerr has been battling COVID-19 over the last few days, forcing him to watch his team from the comfort of his couch. And apparently, he's gotten under the skin of his wife, Margot.

Margot Kerr keeps her tweets private, so only a select few people can see them. But Janie McCauley of the Associated Press revealed over the weekend that Kerr tweeted that she doesn't want to watch NBA games with her husband anymore.

"I never want to watch an NBA game with my husband again!" Kerr proclaimed. 

Naturally, a tweet like that has all kinds of reactions on social media. People are clamoring to know what was so bad about the experience that she never wants to watch a game with him again:

"Was he breaking clipboards at this house?" one Warriors fan asked, adding a laugh emote.

"Lol, I'm glad he's got to see what we are dealing with every time this team plays," wrote another.

"Could you imagine how pissed off Kerr was like all of us fans watching those TOs?" a third fan wrote.

It remains unclear if Steve Kerr will be mended for Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals. But if he isn't, it looks like he'll be watching it alone.