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Look: Unfortunate Accident At LeBron James Movie Premiere

LeBron James at SoFi Stadium.

A fitness trainer broke his tooth while dunking on a makeshift basket at the premiere for LeBron James' new movie, "Hustle," on Wednesday.

The trainer, Quan Bailey, was at the Los Angeles premiere and decided to show off his bounce on the temporary court setup.

He threw down an alley-oop off the backboard, but hit his mouth on the goal structure on the way down. He immediately grabbed at his mouth, which now featured a bloody lip and chipped front tooth.

Bailey took a lighthearted attitude to the accident, posting about it on social media.

"First man to break a tooth a @netflixfilm movie premiere #hustlenetflix
That one hurt lol thanks for the perfect lob tho @jugglinjosh !!
Honestly tho check out Hustle on Netflix it’s amazing i truly enjoyed it ! Time to find a dentist !" he wrote on Instagram.

"Hustle" starring Adam Sandler — produced by LeBron's SpringHill Company — will premiere in theaters on June 8.