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Look: Video Of Ambidextrous Quarterback Is Going Viral

A generic picture of three footballs next to a pylon

Mikey Gow could change the game.

SportsCenter's Twitter page shared a TikTok from Quarterback Plug of the high school quarterback. The 30-second clip shows him accurately firing throws with both hands.

His ambidextrous passing is even more impressive considering how new Gow is to the position. According to a WOWT 6 News report from Rex Smith last September, Gow didn't begin playing quarterback until the seventh grade.

Two years later, he started for Bellevue East's varsity team as a freshman.

“He’s a competitor. He’s a gamer. He’s a kid that just gets it," former head coach Nathan Liess told Smith. "It’s pretty obvious once you’re around him there is some special qualities to him. He brings a good quarterback, number one. So, that’s obviously a big thing, but he brings attention. Kids are excited to play with him. Hopefully he continues to bring better players to Bellevue East."

Considering Smith's story didn't mention Gow's ambidextrous abilities, this could be a recently learned skill or something he hasn't tested outside of practice. He appears to be a natural righty.

Smith said Gow was already fielding interest from Iowa, Kansas State, Oklahoma State, and Nebraska last year. Quarterback Plug added Notre Dame and Michigan to the list. 

Gow has got a long way to go, but the class of 2025 prospect could make waves one day.