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Look: Video Of Ed Reed, Deion Sanders Going Viral After Bethune-Cookman Announcement

On Saturday, Pro Football Hall of Famer Ed Reed announced his decision to withdrawal from his position as head coach of the Bethune-Cookman football program.

Reed, who originally agreed to take the job in December, was forced to walk away after contract negotiations with the university fell through.

Reed addressed his players in a meeting on Saturday. Colorado head coach Deion Sanders, a close friend of Reed, video called in to console him during this emotional moment.

"As Ed Reed addressed his Bethune-Cookman players and recruits telling them he would no longer be the head coach, former Jackson State and current Colorado head coach Deion Sanders consoled his fellow NFL Hall of Famer during an emotional moment," HBCU insider Stan Becton reported.

Take a look at the video clip here:

Reed's partnership with the Bethune-Cookman football program lasted less than one month.