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Look: Video Of Olivia Dunne, Teammate Going Viral

LSU Tigers gymnast Olivia Dunne on Instagram.

Olivia Dunne is one of the most-followed collegiate athletes in the country, which makes it no surprise that most of her posts go viral.

Last week, Dunne received nearly 13 million views on a video of her showing what she would look like with alternate features. She consistently reels in millions of views and a post she published tonight is likely to be no different.

Earlier tonight she posted a video of her dancing in the LSU locker room with a teammate. The dance she performed with fellow LSU gymnast Elena Arenas has only been on social media for an hour and already has over 120,000 views.

"Reunited," Dunne said of being back with her teammate after the holidays.

It won't take long for the video to surpass one million views.