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Look: Viral Brittney Griner Image Is Reportedly Fabricated

US Olympic basketball player Brittney Griner in Russia.

MOSCOW, RUSSIA - JULY 26: US Olympic champion basketball player Brittney Griner, accused of drug smuggling, is seen before being questioned at the Khimki City Court in Moscow, Russia on July 26, 2022. Griner has been put under arrest until December 20 for trying to smuggle cannabis oil through Sheremetyevo Airport. (Photo by Pavel Pavlov/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

WNBA superstar Brittney Griner received a nine-year sentence to a Russian penal colony earlier this month.

Griner was found with two vape cartridges containing hasish oil - which is illegal in Russia. While she said it was an accident, Griner still received a harsh penalty from the Russian government.

Earlier this week, an image of a purported CNN report started floating around social media. 

Here's more on what the image contained, via USA Today:

The image shows a CNN logo in the lower right-hand corner. On the right, Griner is pictured near what appears to be the metal bars of a holding cell. CNN news anchor Lynda Kinkade is pictured on the left, apparently mid-sentence.

A chyron extending across the bottom of both images reads: "DNA test ordered by officials to determine male or female prison."

USA Today reached out to CNN, which made it abundantly clear that image never ran on its airwaves and the photo was manufactured on social media.

"This is a fabricated image and did not ever air on CNN," CNN spokesperson Sydney Baldwin said.

A potential prisoner swap for Griner has been floated over the past few weeks. Hopefully she's brought home very soon.