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Luke Doncic's Comment After Historic Performance Going Viral

Dallas Mavericks star Luka Doncic.

MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE - DECEMBER 08: Luka Doncic #77 of the Dallas Mavericks during the game against the Memphis Grizzlies at FedExForum on December 08, 2021 in Memphis, Tennessee. (Photo by Justin Ford/Getty Images)

Luka Doncic was just doing MyPlayer stuff in Tuesday night's thrilling 126-121 overtime win over the Knicks.

With 60 points, 21 boards and 10 assists, the 23-year-old Slovenian superstar made history as the first ever player to post a 60-20-10 triple-double. What did Luka have to say after one of the best individual performances ever?

"I’m tired as hell. I need a recovery beer."

Fans reacted to his viral comment on social media.

"The beers really do hit different after a 60-21-10 game," said Covers.

"Add another assist to that stat line. Recovery beers are en route," tweeted Michelob Ultra.

"[GOAT] being fueled by beer. Love to see it."

"Me after doing just [about] anything," a user laughed.

"You deserve it too," a fan cried.

"Do you know how [disrespectful] it is saying you need a beer after that," another asked.

"Luka pregame beer against the Warriors confirmed."

Never change, Luka.