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Magic Johnson Tweets A New Cryptic Message

magic johnson speaks to reporters about his decision

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - APRIL 09: Magic Johnson reacts as he speaks to the press resigning as Los Angeles Lakers President of Basketball Operations before the game against the Portland Trail Blazers at Staples Center on April 09, 2019 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)

Despite not making the playoffs this season, the most polarizing team in the NBA might still be the Los Angeles Lakers. There was already enough controversy surrounding the organization, but Magic Johnson has just possibly added even more.

Johnson became the president of basketball operations for the Lakers back in February of 2017. The idea of him recruiting free agents was supposed to be a major advantage.

While the Lakers did land LeBron James in free agency, the franchise has turned into the laughing stock of the league. Every week it feels like a new report emerges that reveals details on the mess inside the clubhouse.

The drama surrounding Los Angeles reached its peak when Johnson announced that he'll step down from his position. His desire to return to his role as an NBA ambassador was his reason for the move, yet it appears there is more to the story.

Judging off Johnson's recent social media activity, the Lakers may have been dealing with a feud behind closed doors.

He posted a cryptic message on Twitter, saying "The truth will always come to light."

It's hard to tell what exactly Johnson is trying to unveil, but it can't be good for the Lakers.

Perhaps it has something to do with what Ric Bucher reported on Colin Cowherd's show on Wednesday:

“My understanding is that there were some emails that were exchanged between Rob and Jeanie…about Magic and about what Magic was and wasn’t doing. They were critical emails. And somehow, someway, Jeanie, from what I understand, was CC’ing or blind CC’ing Magic on everything. That was sort of protocol. Standard issue.

Somehow, the exchange between Rob and Jeanie ended up on that string of the blind CC’s that were going to Magic. So, Magic now is seeing emails from Rob to Jeanie that were critical of what he was doing and maybe most important in all this is that there was no indication that Jeanie was backing Rob up in terms of either going to Magic and letting him know this was going on or going back at Rob and defending Magic. That was not happening and so when he talked about the backstabbing, to me, my understanding that’s what started it. The fact that Jeanie waved goodbye and said ‘Thank you for all that you did’ was that she didn’t necessarily disagree with what Rob was saying.”

Regardless of what it means, fans in Los Angeles might want to monitor Johnson's Twitter account for any potential posts in the future.