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Matt Barnes Has Troubling Comment About Ime Udoka

Matt Barnes wearing a suit.

There appears to be some unearthed details regarding the Ime Udoka situation in Boston.

ESPN NBA analyst Matt Barnes initially defended the Celtics head coach after the organization hit him with a one-year suspension for taking part in an affair with a female staff member.

But after getting some more information from an inside source, Barnes is now retracting his support.

"Last night, without knowing all the facts, I spoke in Ime Udoka's defense," Barnes said on his Instagram Live. "After finding out the facts, I erased what I posted. This situation in Boston is deep. It's messy. It's 100 times uglier than any of us thought. 

"... Some things happened that I can't condone, I can't back."

Barnes chose to not divulge the information that he recently learned.

""It's not my place to tell you what happened," he added. "If it ends up coming out, it ends up coming out... Praying for everyone involved."

Udoka's relationship was originally reported as "consensual," but more recent reports indicate the Celtics head coach could've made "unwanted comments" toward the female staff member.

Stay tuned for updates on this developing situation.