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Matt Leinart Launching Special Marketplace: Fans React

Matt Leinart wearing a blue sweater.

Fox Sports 1.

Former USC icon Matt Leinart is teaming up with current Trojans quarterback Caleb Williams to launch an NFT platform.

Per Boardroom's Michael Ehrlich, Hall of GOATs will give college and high school athletes a chance to capitalize on their NIL rights by selling their own digital collectibles.

“All athletes grow up dreaming of becoming the greatest of all time in their sport, but as we know, few if any achieve this title,” Leinart said. “The lifespan of an athlete’s career at the high school, college and pro levels is so short that it’s imperative to make the most of the limited window to build your personal brand on and off the field.”

The 2004 Heisman Trophy winner expressed excitement for Monday afternoon's unveil on Twitter.

Some USC fans are also excited to support the past and current USC signal-callers by purchasing from their NFT project.

However, not everyone is ready to embrace a new and unfamiliar landscape just yet.

Regardless of whether one sees NFTs as the future or a strange fad, it's a potential avenue for young athletes to optimize their earning power.