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Mel Kiper Reveals How Much He Was Paid His 1st Year At ESPN

Mel Kiper gives NFL Draft analysis on ESPN.


Mel Kiper has become, arguably, the face of the NFL Draft.

The ESPN analyst has been covering the NFL Draft for decades. He started out at ESPN in 1984 and has had quite a rise ever since.

Kiper is getting ready for this year's NFL Draft, which will be highlighted by Joe Burrow, Chase Young, Tua Tagovailoa and others. The NFL Combine is taking place in Indianapolis this week. The NFL Draft is about two months away.

The longtime ESPN analyst recently revealed on a podcast how much money he made during his first year at ESPN. He divulged the figure to The Action Network's "The Favorites" podcast.

The number: $400.

“You gotta pay your dues,” Kiper said on the podcast. “When I started out, we were losing money. We lost money for the first four years in this business, in terms of putting out draft reports. We never knew if we’d make a dollar, but you keep going.”

We're guessing Kiper is making quite a bit more than that now. And it's very well deserved.

The NFL Scouting Combine will be covered by ESPN and the NFL Network all week.