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Video: Crazy Brawl During Mexican Baseball League Game

An extremely ugly brawl broke out during a baseball game in The Mexican League on Wednesday night. After being plunked by a fastball, Toros de Tijuana catcher Gabriel Gutierrez charged Rieleros de Aguascalientes pitcher Brandon Quintero, throwing his bat and helmet at his opponent.

Gutierrez wasted no time in sprinting to the mound after being hit by the pitch. Within seconds, both dugouts had cleared, and a wild brawl consumed the mound, spilling out across the infield.

While the cameras panned out, you could clearly see haymakers being thrown from both teams. Brawls are not super unique in baseball, even in the MLB, but this one is about as bad as it gets. It is very lucky that Gutierrez's bat throw was inaccurate, because Quintero could've been seriously hurt.

According to TMZ, Wednesday's game had been chippy throughout, leading up to this altercation. The two teams apparently have bad blood dating back to incidents earlier in the season.

Luckily, the umpires were eventually able to settle things down. In total, three players were ejected after the brawl. The Toros held on to win 5-3, in a game marred by the incident. After the game, Toros star Leandro Castro said that he "hopes this does not continue to happen," claiming that Rieleros has something personal against the Toros team.

Hopefully this doesn't continue to escalate throughout the Mexican baseball season.


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