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ESPN Getting Crushed For Naming Michael Jordan College Basketball's Greatest Player

Michael Jordan plays at North Carolina.

Fourteenth-ranked Villanova upset the nations' number one team by downing North Carolina 56-53 on the Tar Heels home court. In first half action, Villanova's Stewart Granger (10) tries to get back a ball stolen by North Carolina's Michael Jordan (23) as they head back down court. (Photo by Bettmann Archive/Getty Images)

Michael Jordan is the greatest player in the history of the NBA. Almost everyone would agree with that notion.

Michael Jordan is probably not the greatest player in the history of college basketball. Almost everyone who follows the sport would agree with that, too.

ESPN, though, recently named Michael Jordan college basketball's greatest player ever. The Worldwide Leader did a bracket of the best men's and women's players in college basketball history. Jordan won the bracket on Tuesday night.

Jordan was a great college basketball player. He was a two-time first-team All-American and the national player of the year in 1984. Jordan helped lead the Tar Heels to a national title. But was he the best college basketball player ever? No. Jordan won ESPN's bracket because of his accomplishments in the NBA. Earlier voting results made this clear, when Shaquille O'Neal upset Lew Alcindor, the true greatest player in college basketball history.

Lew Alcindor is the greatest player in college basketball history. That really is not debatable. The former UCLA great, who became Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, did this with the Bruins:

  • Three straight national player of the year awards
  • Three-time consensus first-team All-American
  • Three-time NCAA champion
  • Three-time NCAA Final Four Most Outstanding Player

Even Magic Johnson, a legend at Michigan State, agrees.

So, ESPN's greatest college basketball player of all-time bracket did not get it right. Jordan is the GOAT of the NBA, but not of college hoops.

That title belongs to Lew Alcindor, aka Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.