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Michael Jordan Never Recruited: NBA World Reacts

Michael Jordan interviewed during the NBA Finals

10 Jun 1997: Guard Michael Jordan of the Chicago Bulls speaks reporters during a practice before a playoff game against the Utah Jazz at the Delta Center in Salt Lake City, Utah.

In today's NBA, recruiting of other star players is extremely common, with players like Kevin Durant and Joel Embiid, among others, often going to their front office to suggest moves.

While that's common in today's NBA, it apparently was not something done by legendary Chicago Bulls guard Michael Jordan.

Jordan, arguably the greatest player of all-time, reportedly never felt the urge to go to his front office to suggest a move.

“He never came to me and asked for other players.. to draft a player. He never came to me and asked me to trade for a player. Never once did that happen. Part of it was he thought he was so darn good he could win without 'em," Jerry Krause said.

NBA fans aren't very surprised.

"Unfortunately that’s why he is the worst owner in the league," one fan joked.

"But he couldn’t win without them.. and didn’t need to ask because one of the greatest teams ever was drafted around him. Then they added a hall of fame coach. If you switch LJ and MJ landing spots, their legacies would switch too," another fan suggested.

"What else is there for people to understand about Jordan being greater than bron?" one fan added on Twitter.

"Part of it was he knew he had the best team and the rest of the league was sorry," another fan wrote on Twitter.

What do you think - should Jordan be praised for this?