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Michael Vick Not Coming Out Of Retirement: Fans React

Michael Vick speaking to the media.

PHILADELPHIA - AUGUST 14: Michael Vick of the Philadelphia Eagles speaks at a press conference at the NovaCare Complex on August 14, 2009 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Vick signed a one-year contract, with a second year option, with the Eagles. (Photo by Larry French/Getty Images)

Michael Vick shot down rumors of a comeback with Fan Controlled Football.

The former Atlanta Falcons and Philadelphia Eagles quarterback said on Sunday that he's not coming out of retirement despite reports of him returning to play for the startup league on May 28.

"I hung ‘em up in 2015 never to return again. Had an amazing time and accomplished so much," Vick wrote on Twitter. "I say that to say, they’re going to stay hung up and I will not be coming out of retirement. I appreciate the opportunity to play but I’d rather put my executive hat on with the little ownership that I have!"

It appears some fans got their hopes up before Vick dashed their dreams of going back to the gridiron.

Others respect and support his decision.

Fan Controlled Football has attracted other high-profile names such as Terrell Owens and Johnny Manziel, but it could have drawn more new fans if Vick joined the fold.