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Why Michael Vick Was Trending On Twitter On Saturday

Michael Vick throwing a pass.

Falcons Michael Vick #7 throws during first half action between the Atlanta Falcons and the Tennessee Titans on August 26, 2006 at The Coliseum in Nashville, Tennessee. (Photo by Joe Murphy/NFLPhotoLibrary)

Why was Michael Vick, who hasn't played in the National Football League since 2015, nationally trending on Twitter on Saturday night?

Video games.

Vick, 40, is arguably the most-dominant video game athlete in football history (he was pretty good in real life, too).

The former Atlanta Falcons superstar hit his video game peak in Madden 04. Vick was basically unstoppable in that game, as many on Twitter pointed out on Saturday night.

There are a lot of good choices, there, but it's tough to go against Vick in Madden 04.

“Michael Vick was the greatest quarterback in Madden history, because his speed rating as a QB was astronomical, and there was nothing you could do stop him,” Clint Oldenburg, former NFL lineman and game developer with the Madden franchise, said in an interview with Gamesradar back in 2016. “For a number of years before I got here, features were added to the game specifically to stop Vick. Now [to prevent one player from being similarly overpowering] we try to keep ratings within a certain range. So if a QB comes out of the draft with a 99 speed rating, A, B and C is done in the game engine to make sure everything is balanced.”

Who's your pick for the most-dominant athlete in video game history?