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Mike Greenberg Has Brutally Honest Admission On Knicks

ESPN personality Mike Greenberg.


The New York Knicks gave their fans a lot to root for during the regular season. Unfortunately, that has not been the case in the postseason.

New York fell to Atlanta, 113-96, in Game 4 of the Eastern Conference first round series on Sunday afternoon. The Knicks won Game 2 of the first round series and played a really tight contest in Game 1. However, the Knicks - and their offense - have truly disappointed since.

Julius Randle, the NBA's Most Improved Player in 2020-21, has been a massive disappointment. He's struggled to shoot the ball throughout the series and has not looked like the star player many Knicks fans thought he was.

Longtime Knicks fan Mike Greenberg had a brutally honest admission on his team following Game 4 of the first round.

"At some point the reality sets in: The Hawks just have much more talent than the Knicks," he tweeted on Sunday afternoon.

There's certainly some truth in that.

Trae Young has clearly been the best player on the floor in this series and he's surrounded by other young, talented players.

The Knicks still have a promising future, though it's clear that they lack the star or two you need to truly contend in the postseason.