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"Multiple" NFL Owners Believe Daniel Snyder Should Sell Washington Commanders

Washington Football Team owner Dan Snyder looks on at FedEx Field.

LANDOVER, MD - AUGUST 07: Washington Football Team owner Daniel Snyder looks on before the New England Patriots play the Washington Redskins during an preseason NFL game at FedExField on August 7, 2014 in Landover, Maryland. (Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)

There's a common sentiment around the league about Washington Commanders owner Daniel Snyder.

According to a recent story from team insider Mark Maske of the Washington Post, "multiple" NFL owners believe Snyder needs to surrender his post.

"Multiple owners said they believe serious consideration may be given to attempting to oust Daniel Snyder from the ownership ranks, either by convincing him to sell his franchise or by voting to remove him," Maske reports. "One owner said: 'He needs to sell.'"

Earlier this week, pressure from an NBA investigation led Phoenix Suns owner Robert Sarver to agree to sell the team. NFL owners may be getting influenced by this recent development.

"This week’s developments in the NBA with Robert Sarver may be influencing the attitudes of owners in the NFL. One owner cited the Sarver announcement while emphasizing that convincing Daniel Snyder to sell voluntarily is the best outcome for those in the NFL," Maske added.

Like Sarver, Snyder was investigated for creating a toxic workplace environment within the Commanders organization. After an initial one-year suspension for Sarver, star players Chris Paul and LeBron James pushed to have him ousted from the league. So far, that same energy hasn't been placed into getting Snyder out of the NFL.

Perhaps this knowledge that several NFL owners want Snyder out of the picture will help put some extra pressure on the situation.