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Video: NBA All-Star Game National Anthem Goes Viral Again

NBA All-Star game national anthem

The NBA All-Star Game's national anthem is going viral on social media again. This year's version was performed by Chaka Khan.

Fergie sang the Star Spangled Banner at the NBA All-Star Game in 2018. Her performance was mocked on social media. Players at the game appeared to be cracking up on the court.

This year's national anthem wasn't quite like that. But, it still has people talking on social media. The performance has gone viral.

"Wait, someone sat through a soundcheck of this National Anthem and still allowed it to go on?" Darren Rovell tweeted. And he was far from the only person to have that kind of reaction to the anthem on social media.

Not everything about the All-Star Game's intros was debated, though. Everyone could agree on Common's intros being awesome.

The NBA All-Star Game has now tipped off, thankfully.

The game is being televised on TNT.