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NBA World Reacts To The Election Day Decision

A basketball sits on the court during a timeout in the Washington Wizards and Boston Celtics game.

The NBA will be taking Election Day off in the upcoming season.

Per Malika Andrews of ESPN, "The NBA announced that no games will be played on Election Day — Tuesday, Nov. 8, 2022 and encourage players and fans to vote in the midterms."

NBA Twitter reacted to the news on Tuesday.

"The bars for pro sports leagues to clear are always so low, and yet it's astonishing when they do," one user said. "Good on the NBA."

"Great decision by the league," tweeted Ryan Snellings. "Now, if we could only get it to be a federal holiday..."

"The NBA doing what most employers should on Election Day. Make it a holiday!"

"Election Day is a holiday in the NBA," commented Alex Lasry.

"This is hella performative BUT I like it anyway because performance is necessary," another replied.

"Back in 2020, an MLB flack got real snippy with me for suggesting their gold glove award ceremony on Election Day was a distraction," tweeted Bradford Davis.

The NBA releases its full schedule for the 2022 season on Wednesday at 3 PM.