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NBA World Reacts To The Rudy Gobert Rumors

A closeup of Rudy Gobert during a game.

The NBA playoffs just commenced the second round, and yet some possible offseason drama may have already begun.

According to SiriusXM's Sean O'Connell, Rudy Gobert will demand the Utah Jazz either trade him or Donovan Mitchell this offseason. The three-time Defensive Player of the Year reportedly believes it's a "him or me" situation since he doesn't think they can win a championship together.

Gobert appeared to deny the report by dismissing the day's new "rumor" on Twitter.

Nevertheless, fans are eating up the potentially juicy plot point. Many of them reached the same opinion that Gobert isn't enough of a superstar to make such lofty demands.

One fan called this rumored ultimatum "hilarious" while another offered to drive Gobert to their airport out of the Salt Lake City.

Whether or not the report is accurate, the notion that Gobert and Mitchell aren't a championship-caliber pairing received validated once more this postseason. Despite playing three games without Luka Doncic, the Dallas Mavericks eliminated Utah from the playoffs during the first round.

That marked Utah's third opening-round exit in four years, and the Jazz haven't reached the Western Conference Finals since 2007.

The Jazz might have reached a point of no return, making this an intriguing develop to monitor.