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Nebraska Fans Furious With Scott Frost Call During Second Half vs. Northwestern

Scott Frost on the sideline at Illinois.

During the third quarter of Saturday's Week 0 matchup against the Northwestern Wildcats, Nebraska started to create some separation with a touchdown to extend its lead to 28-17.

Directly after this score though, head coach Scott Frost slowed the Cornhuskers' momentum with a failed onside kick attempt.

After an easy recovery, the Wildcats started their drive with a short field. A quick touchdown score drew the Huskers' lead back to 28-24.

Nebraska fans are understandably upset by this bold onside kick play call.

"Onside kick because the Nebraska coaches are drinking the free beer just like the fans are," one analyst wrote.

"Scott Frost gets an 11 pt lead and immediately thinks 'sure I'm 3-20 when trailing at the half, but why not go for an onside kick?'" another said.

"An onside kick with an 11-point lead, all the momentum and you're the more talented team. Incredible," another added.

This momentum shift carried over to the Cornhuskers 'next drive, resulting in a quick there-and-out and punt.

Will this decision come back to haunt Frost and his Nebraska squad?