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Nebraska Football Announces It's Suspending Longtime Tradition

Nebraska Huskers helmets on the field.

LINCOLN, NE - SEPTEMPER 20: Nebraska Cornhusker helmets before their game at Memorial Stadium on September 20, 2014 in Lincoln, Nebraska. Nebraska defeated Miami 41-31. (Photo by Eric Francis/Getty Images)

Nebraska is suspending its longtime red balloon tradition due to a global helium shortage.

The Cornhuskers usually hand out the red balloons before each home game. The balloons are then released into the sky following the team's first touchdown of the day. 

The tradition began in the 1960s and the shortage steps from Russia's invasion of Ukraine. 

ESPN's Adam Rittenberg spoke to Nebraska athletic director Trev Alberts who confirmed that the helium the university gets has to be used for medical purposes.

"Acquiring helium in today's day and age, some of the production of it is really challenged, and it's been hard to get," Alberts said. "So we've been asked by the university, the helium that we are getting as a university, we need to use for medical purposes at the University of Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha. And so we are this year not going to be providing the red balloons for the first time at Memorial Stadium."

It sounds like a temporary solution is being worked on for this season.

Nebraska's first home game will be on Sept. 3 against North Dakota.