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Nebraska Football Fans Loved Tonight's Episode Of 'Better Call Saul' (Minor Spoilers)

The Nebraska football program got all kinds of love on tonight's episode of Better Call Saul. We'll try to avoid any major spoilers, but the 2010 Huskers team becomes fairly essential to the plot.

In the middle of Season 6, Episode 10 entitled "Nippy," Bob Odenkirk's character Gene Takovic aka Jimmy McGill aka Saul Goodman attempts to befriend a security guard at the mall he's working at. The mall is based in Nebraska and Gene quickly establishes a rapport with the guard by talking about Huskers football.

Their very first conversation centers on a recent game between the Huskers and the Texas Longhorns. Curious fans were able to use that info to establish that the episode takes place in the year 2010. 

Over the course of several conversations, Gene and the guard discuss everything from Nebraska's then-imminent move to the Big Ten, then-star quarterback Taylor Martinez, Bo Pelini, the legacy of Tom Osborne and the famed 1995 Nebraska football team. The episode was basically a Nebraska football love fest.

And Nebraska fans loved it:

The writers of Better Call Saul paid plenty of attention to detail to make certain that they had the timeline set in 2010. 

One Twitter user noticed that they even made sure that the department stores featured Air Jordans designed that very year.

It would be pretty cool if Bo Pelini, Taylor Martinez or the Nebraska football program were tuning into the episode and posted about it on social media. 

They got a lot of love in this episode.