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New Details Emerge From Developing Drew Brees Situation

On Friday, a viral video clip appeared to show former NFL quarterback Drew Brees getting struck by lightning while filming a promotional video for PointsBet.

The video sparked concern from around the sports world.

Saints insider Katherine Terrell has since provided an update on the situation.

"I just texted Drew Brees. He said he's good and that he did not get struck by lightning," she wrote on Twitter.

All signs point to the video being a fake promotional clip meant to draw attention to PointsBet. The sportsbook addressed the video with an official statement, but would not give an update on Brees' status.

"We are aware of the media coverage regarding PointsBet brand ambassador Drew Brees," the statement read. "We are in communication with Brees' team and will continue to monitor events throughout the coming hours. At this stage we will not be making any further comment."

Stay tuned for updates on this developing situation.