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New Report Reveals Why Kyrie Irving Wants Out Of Boston

Kyrie Irving smiling during a game.

BOSTON, MA - MARCH 29: Kyrie Irving #11 of the Boston Celtics smiles during a game against the Indiana Pacers at TD Garden on March 29, 2019 in Boston, Massachusetts. (Photo by Kathryn Riley/Getty Images)

The Boston Celtics opened the 2018-19 NBA season as the favorite to take over a post-LeBron James Eastern Conference.

However, despite all of the promise, the Celtics flamed out in the playoffs - one year after taking LeBron and the Cleveland Cavaliers to a Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals. Star point guard Kyrie Irving failed to make a significant impact on the season.

Now a new story emerged suggesting Irving didn't like living in Boston and disagreed with head coach Brad Stevens and general manager Danny Ainge.

ESPN's Jackie MacMullan revealed the details.

"Kyrie Irving didn't like Boston. I've been told this by many people. He didn't like living in Boston. Just didn't. By the end, he had issues with Brad [Stevens]...issues with Danny [Ainge]...issues with pretty much all of us."

After the tumultuous season concluded, Irving reportedly planned to sign elsewhere. In the weeks following the team's exit from the playoffs, Irving has moved closer to signing with a different Eastern Conference contender.

According to multiple reports, Kyrie plans to sign with the Brooklyn Nets. ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski revealed the Nets emerged as the front-runner for Kyrie just a few weeks after the season.

He's likely to land a max contract from the team as it looks to contend in the Eastern Conference.