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NFL Analyst Names No. 1 QB Worth Pursuing This Offseason

Alabama quarterback Tua Tagovailoa in the first half against Tennessee

TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA - OCTOBER 19: Tua Tagovailoa #13 of the Alabama Crimson Tide reacts after a rushing touchdown by Brian Robinson Jr. #24 in the first half against the Tennessee Volunteers at Bryant-Denny Stadium on October 19, 2019 in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

It is rare that we get an NFL offseason with so many talented quarterbacks available. Whether it's through free agency or in the draft, there will be options for any QB-needy team.

Countless analysts have either ranked the top available college quarterbacks or the best NFL free agents. But's David Carr did something a little different by combining the two categories.

Carr ranked the top 10 quarterbacks available this offseason and included six pending free agents and four draft prospects. The No. 1 QB on Carr's list is not all-time legend Tom Brady (he's fifth) or likely No. 1 overall draft pick Joe Burrow (he's ranked second).

It's Tua Tagovailoa. As long as the Alabama product's health is okay, Carr thinks he's not just the best draft prospect of the bunch but the best quarterback a team could acquire in the coming months.


IF Tua continues to stay on track with his health -- like his most recent CT scan on his fractured hip revealed -- I have no doubt that he's the best quarterback of this group right now. He's a solid pocket passer and an elite scrambler. I've seen him extend plays with his legs but also make them with his arm when scrambling, by keeping his eyes down the field. He plays a lot like Russell Wilson. Tua has an explosive lower body, near-perfect mechanics in his throwing motion and a super-quick release. He has the tools to make some dynamic plays and elevate any offense. The one question is his health.

Carr putting that many eggs into the Tua basket is noteworthy. In recent weeks, it seems like we've seen a rise in people suggesting that Tua, not Burrow, is the No. 1 quarterback prospect in this year's draft.

But Carr saying he's the best quarterback on the list "right now" over Burrow, Brady, Dak Prescott and others is especially bold.

NFL free agency begins in one month. The 2020 NFL Draft is set for April 23-25.