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NFL Head Coach Not Happy With League's Bizarre Hat Rules

The NFL Logo.

HOUSTON, TX - FEBRUARY 01: The NFL shield logo is seen following a press conference held by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell (not pictured) at the George R. Brown Convention Center on February 1, 2017 in Houston, Texas. (Photo by Tim Bradbury/Getty Images)

49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan has been among the NFL's most prominent hat-wearing coaches dating back to 2019, but he's no fan of the league's headwear rules.

During a Wednesday interview on the "Murph & Mac Podcast," Shanahan was asked whether or not he would be bringing the "Shanahat" back this season; a touchy subject for the 42-year-old:

"I have such beef with them right now," Shanahan explained.

"It's a tough issue going on. They won't let me pick out my own [hat]. They won't let me wear any one that's from a [previous] year, so I can't wear like an older one. I've got to wear the new ones that they give this year," he said. 

"Unfortunately, there's none I like wearing. Hopefully, we can figure it out or wait until Salute to Service. ... It's just deals. I don't want to go too hard and get fined or anything but trust me, I'm upset about it."

Shanahan actually designed the "Shanahat" himself after not rocking a cap for most of his career.

But given the NFL's strict on-field apparel rules, it's not likely the coach wins this battle.