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NFL Head Coach Will Have 'Private Conversations' With Players

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After two New York Giants players publicly voiced their displeasure with their reduced playing time, head coach Brian Daboll has reportedly vowed to have "private conversations" to remedy the issue.

Linebacker Tae Crowder and CB Rodarius Williams both took to social media following Week 13's tie with the Commanders. With Crowder tweeting, "Free me" after seeing all special teams snaps and Williams sharing: "I'ma just sleep this off [because] this can't be real ... I'm trying to stay afloat. It's hard, no lie. I just swallowed the hardest pill of my life," after not seeing the field at all.

Daboll stuck to his guns after the game though. Explaining via the New York Post:

Each week we sit down, we talk - the defensive guys and I, and we figure out who we think we want in there for that particular week. The guys that were in there this week were the guys we wanted in there.

Despite the pushback, Daboll have a job to do. Sitting in the sixth-seed seed at 7-4-1, New York still has to stave off several teams with five games remaining.