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NFL Legend's Son Is Going Viral vs. Alabama Today

Kurt Warner's son is making a name for himself in Saturday's Sugar Bowl against Alabama.

Kade Warner, a Kansas State tight end, is having a heck of a first half as he fights for every yard vs. the Crimson Tide defense.

Fans took notice of the Hall of Famer's son's fight on Twitter.

"Kade Warner hustling for that 3rd down conversion early was a real tone setter for that 18 play drive." a user said. "I think he’s the catalyst for Wildcat success today."

"Kade Warner is a warrior," a K-State account tweeted.

"I love the hell out of Kade Warner," another stated.

"Kade Warner had the whole state of Alabama trying to tackle him."

"Kade Warner is a dawg. Nebraska people are fools for the way they treated him," another pointed out.

"Dude Kade Warner got that DAWG in him, he’s stepping up big this game."

Definitely making dad proud out there.