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How Much NFL Players Are Paid For Appearing In Madden

Rob Gronkowski on the Madden 17 cover.

How much are NFL players paid for appearing in the Madden NFL video game each year? The details are out and it might not be as much as you think.

The cover athletes, like Patrick Mahomes for Madden 20 and Antonio Brown for Madden 19, are likely paid very handsomely (while having to deal with the "Madden Curse," of course).

The players who are not on the cover, though, get a much more modest check.

NFL Network insider Tom Pelissero had the details. Apparently, NFL players had not received their latest Madden checks due to the work stoppage.

EA Sports has yet to announce who will be on the cover for Madden 21.

There are several notable candidates following the 2020 season, including Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson, Panthers running back Christian McCaffrey and Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson.

The new Madden video game is typically released in early August.