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NFL Quarterback's Brother Reportedly In Scary Car Accident

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PHOENIX - JULY 20: A detail view of a football shows the redesigned NFL Shield logo during a photo shoot on July 20, 2008 in Phoenix, Arizona. (Photo by Gene Lower/Getty Images)

The younger brother of Jets second-year quarterback Zach Wilson is reportedly "ok" after a scary car accident that saw him crash into a concrete wall over the weekend.

In a series of Instagram stories, Lisa Wilson, mother of the two boys, recounted the details of her son Josh's accident, and how it's changed her perspective on life.


This weekend I had a really scary scare, Josh fell asleep, he was tired, he’d been used to going to sleep at nine ... He decided to go to a birthday party and just got drowsy and fell asleep at the wheel. ... I didn’t talk about it when it first happened this weekend because it kind of messes your brain up a little bit. When you have a close call and you almost lose one of your kids or somebody close to you, your heart kind of stops, and your brain freezes and you can’t catch your breath. 

Thank God he’s OK and God decided that the world needed him a little bit longer and I needed him a little bit longer. ... My handsome boy scared me to death This weekend. He fell asleep driving home and totaled his car. Makes you look at life a little different when God gives you extra time.

Like his brother did, Josh also plays for BYU's football team.

In an Instagram post of his own, the Cougars linebacker shared some sentimental photos after the crash. Writing, "Hundred reasons just to stick around."