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NFL Team's Preseason Tickets Going For As Low As $1

Washington Commanders Introduce Carson Wentz

Football fans couldn't be more glad to see training camp begin as the 2022 season looms large.

However, not everyone is enthused about seeing their favorite team take the field for the preseason. Earlier Thursday afternoon, a report suggested one NFL team's tickets could be had for just $1.

That team is the Washington Commanders.

"GameTime, a secondary ticket platform, reports tickets for Saturday's preseason game between the Panthers and Commanders at FedEx Field are as cheap as $1," sports business reporter Daniel Kaplan said.

It seems like fans aren't looking forward to see whether Baker Mayfield or Sam Darnold gets the better of the quarterback battle this weekend. Meanwhile, the Commanders are just trying to claw their way out of football mediocrity with yet another new quarterback under center.

To be fair, preseason football isn't the sexiest football fans get to see all season. However, the lack of interest is somewhat concerning when a quarterback battle should give fans plenty to see and the Panthers starters should play a fair amount.

The same could be said for the Commanders, who need every rep they can get.