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NFL World Is Calling For Nathaniel Hackett To Be Fired

It's rare that an NFL team fires its head coach after his first year and rarer that one gets fired in the middle of that year. But the Denver Broncos could be looking to make history with Nathaniel Hackett this season.

The Broncos just to the Las Vegas Raiders, falling to 3-7 on the season thanks in large part to an offense that could muster only 16 points. That's been a recurring theme for Denver all season as they've been held to 16 points or fewer a whopping eight times.

Denver have the lowest-ranked offense in the league despite having the No. 1 defense and some of their performances have been downright atrocious. But today's loss might have taken the cake.

Fans and non-fans alike are calling for Hackett to be fired. They're pointing to the sheer futility on offense as a big reason that changes need to be made immediately:

There haven't been many instances of a coach being fired midseason though they usually happen when the culture in the team becomes so toxic that a change absolutely has to be made.

Last year it happened with Urban Meyer on the Jacksonville Jaguars. He was able to overcome a slew of terrible losses, but it was a series of terrible off-the-field issues that ended his tenure after 13 games. 

No coach has ever been fired only 10 games into his head coaching career though. It's hard to say if the Broncos are really so trigger happy that they'd make the move now. 

Should the Broncos fire Nathaniel Hackett?