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NFL World Reacts To Deshaun Watson Suspension Rumor

Deshaun Watson is widely expected to start the 2022 season with some kind of suspension from the NFL.

On Tuesday, reports from Cleveland insider Tony Rizzo indicated a potential duration for that expected punishment.

"As I heard from reliable sources. Right now, I'm hearing 4-6 games," he reports, per ESPN Cleveland.

The NFL world took to Twitter to react to these reports.

A significant portion of fans believe this potential suspension is far too light.

"Disgraceful. Should be a year at minimum. Hopefully never see the field again," one wrote.

"Calvin Ridley was suspended for a year for gambling. Josh Gordon was suspended for year(s) for smoking weed. Watson has been accused by 200 women for sexual assault/harassment, but he'll get 4-6-games. Got it," another added.

"If he doesn’t get a year minimum then what the hell are we doing here?" another said.

Last month, Watson agreed to settle 20 of the 24 civil suits alleging sexual misconduct against him. While each of those cases have now been dismissed, the 26-year-old quarterback still faces possible punishment under the NFL's Personal Conduct Policy.

An official decision from the league is expected before the start of Browns training camp on July 27.