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Look: NFL World Reacts To Kurt Warner's Question

Kurt Warner in a suit on the field before the Super Bowl.

These days, it seems like the sports world is filled with loud and confrontational commentary, and that's something former NFL quarterback Kurt Warner just can't support. 

On Wednesday, the Hall of Famer brought up a fair question regarding the current state of analysis.

"When did we decide loud, confrontational analysis is 'best' analysis??? Am I the only 1 that would rather analysts just be themselves, come educated, bring a smart, unique take & then let viewer use info to decide what to believe… analyze to educate, not to 'win' the question," Warner tweeted

For the most part, Warner's followers agree with this sentiment. 

"Nearly all Americans agree — and yet the mainstream news companies keep feeding us confrontation solely for clicks and $$$," one person replied. 

Another person said, "This guy gets it. Morning sports shows have become unwatchable."

Warner is an analyst for NFL Network and radio broadcaster for Westwood one. He's certainly qualified to talk about this subject. 

Though he may not be as entertaining as some media personalities, Warner's preparation and knowledge is only matched by few in the business.