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NFL World Reacts To Odell Beckham's Rumored Top 2 Teams

Odell Beckham Jr. on the field for the Rams.

With Odell Beckham Jr. reportedly approaching a clear injury status, rumors regarding his potential free agency decision are swirling around the NFL.

Several teams have been mentioned as potential landing spots for the highly-sought-after free agent. But according to Beckham's former high school coach, Nelson Stewart, two teams stand above the rest.

"If I’m a betting man right now, I’d flip a coin between New York and Dallas," Stewart told The New York Post. "It’s tight. But of all the teams I’ve heard about, the one that really resonates a little bit more is New York."

The NFL world took to Twitter to react to this prediction.

"I don’t think Odell would ever sign with the cowboys so many people would lose respect for him," one fan wrote.

"Come on bro! Come home already!" another said.

"God I don’t ask for much but I do ask you that you bring this man back to the Giants," another added.

Stewart believes the Giants may have a slight edge when it comes to these two options.

"His end in New York was abrupt at a time of turmoil, and it had a cloudiness to it," he added. "I think to go back to where it all started would be amazing for Odell. He’s grown up a lot, he’s grounded and he loves being a dad. He’s just in a great spot now. To me New York is a win-win."

Where would you like to see OBJ end up?