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NFL World Reacts To Steve Young's Lamar Jackson Take

A closeup of Steve Young on the field during a 49ers game.

As a player, Hall of Fame quarterback Steve Young became one of the NFL's all-time greats thanks in large part to his exceptional mobility. But Young believes that the Ravens' reliance on the running game might stop them from winning a championship in the future.

Appearing on ESPN Monday Night Countdown, Young argued that while the Ravens have turned their running game into one of the most sophisticated in the NFL, they've done so at the expense of their passing game. He firmly believes that the Ravens are hindering quarterback Lamar Jackson's growth as a quarterback in the process.

"Until he gets the chance to show that he is a sophisticated passer of the football in a sophisticated passing game... they don't ask of it, they don't teach it and then you ask 'Why isn't he getting paid like Patrick Mahomes?' Because they haven't given him a chance to be Patrick Mahomes. So until they do, Lamar Jackson is damned because of what the RAVENS are doing, not because of Lamar Jackson..." Young said.

A lot of NFL fans on Twitter find themselves in complete agreement with Young here. Many are pointing out that the Ravens could be doing so much more to help Jackson evolve as a passer:

Lamar Jackson has established himself as one of the greatest mobile quarterbacks of all-time. He already owns multiple rushing records for quarterbacks and has averaged 6.0 yards per carry in his brief career.

But over the last two seasons, Jackson's passing numbers have largely gone down instead of up. 

The end result is a situation where the Ravens have been reluctant to give Jackson the kind of money that Patrick Mahomes and Kyler Murray have gotten in their contract extensions.

Are the Ravens to blame for the state Jackson's game is in right now?