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NFL World Reacts To Travis Kelce's Performance Tonight

Kansas City Chiefs star Travis Kelce runs onto the field.

Travis Kelce is posting a dominant performance for the Kansas City Chiefs in today's Wild Card matchup against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

With seven minutes remaining in the fourth quarter, the superstar tight end has 14 receptions for 98 yards and two touchdowns. His two scores were the first two TDs of the game for Kansas City.

The NFL world took to Twitter to react to Kelce's outstanding production.

"I don’t understand how people don’t account for Travis Kelce at all times. Especially in the red zone. I don’t care if he is blocking, chipping, TE delaye whatever, someone key on him. My goodness smh," one fan wrote.

"Please double Kelce!" another said.

"Glad I get to root for him. #ChiefsKingdom," another added.

Kelce posted this stat-line despite catching passes from two different quarterbacks. Chad Henne took over during the first half after Patrick Mahomes went down with an ankle injury. Kelce caught one touchdown pass from each QB.